Review by Sheila W. in Bennett, NE  2/6/2017

We’ve had Dog Guard out of sight fencing for two months. We are happy to report that the system works as promised. It allows us confidence that our English setter will be able to roam around the yard while staying safe. We highly recommend this product to all of our dog-loving friends!

Review by Beth J. in Denver, IA 11/10/2017
They were great. Easy to keep in contact with. Walked around my property with me and described their process. Answered any questions I had. Very thorough and you can tell they have pride in their work. Have already recommended them to several people.


Review by Sandy S. in New Hampton, IA  11/9/2017
Dog Guard of Des Moines was very professional and respectful. The professional who came to install the dog fence was very respectful of our property and treated our dog with respect.  Then the professional shared everything we needed to know, to have success with the product.  About a week after the installation, we received a call from the business to make sure we were satisfied and if there were any problems.  There were no problems and our dog is happy to be free outside and we are happy our dog is secure and safe.  Thank you so much!!!


Review by Brenda J. in Ankeny, IA  11/8/2017

Scott and Angie are absolutely amazing I am so glad that I found them I would never trust anybody else nor I don’t think anybody could do the quality of work or customer service these guys do not only are they worried about us being happy but made sure our fur babies are happy they answer the phone day or night that’s customer service they are always there to help.. they do follow-up pick up the phone with any questions and they are there to help you I cannot say enough good things about them and their quality of work amazing is all I can say I’ll guarantee you there’s not a better company out there thank you both for everything.


Review by Shawn G. in Ankeny, IA  11/1/2017

They did a great job very caring and attentive people who truly have you and your pets best interest at heart.  An exceptionally well run family business.


Review by Denise R. in Iowa Falls, IA  10/24/2017

Great service! Great product! Trained before they leave is huge! A real person that can answer questions and support! Hassle free! My 3 girls have adapted well and are safe! Highly recommend!


Review by Wade Z. in Johnston, IA  10/14/2017

Strauss is doing well with the fence. Laura and I are pleased with the quick turn around and great customer service!


Review by Dayna C. in Des Moines, IA  10/15/2017

Very happy with the fence. Sister Pearl is part whippet and Stella is part Pharaoh — both sight hounds that love to CHASE!


Review by Brenda C. in Reynolds, IL  9/26/2017

Dog Guard is a wonderful family-owned and operated business with exceptional service and availability!  They took the time to cover all of our questions and was extremely thorough! They have been terrific with follow-up also after the installation.  I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Review by Becky P. in Coralville, IA 9/24/2017


Just adore you guys and how quick you are to respond to anything we need! Thank you for everything and for keeping our puppies happy in their yard

Review by Angie D. in Danville, IA  9/6/2017

We have had the Dog Guard fence for two weeks now and we love it!  Our very energetic 10 month old golden retriever now has freedom to run and play and we don’t have to worry about him running off.  The process was so easy right from the first phone call to get the estimate down to the install and training of the dog.  I highly recommend this company!

Review by Dayna C. in Des Moines, IA  9/5/2017

Still working with Stella and I can see she is no longer a flight risk. She has a some anxiety regarding the flags, which the company told me to expect. I’m following their instructions and Stella is beginning to move more freely in the yard. It’s early, but I’m happy with the product thus far and the customer service and follow-up are exceptional

Review by Lori S. in Huxley, IA  9/4/2017

Thanks so much! Macy loves her new found freedom being outside much more often!

Review by Anita W. in Iowa City, IA  9/3/2017

Our 11 yr. old Collie, Bella is training very well with the new Dog Guard fencing. In the past 3 years our highway has gotten increasingly busy.  I no longer worry about her getting too close to traffic or bike riders.  Mat explained the fencing, warranty, training, etc., very thoroughly — down to how snug collar should be and why. He answered all my questions, even had suggestions!  Quality of wire is very durable.  Derrick answered questions when we were lining up installation time on the phone.  Angie followed up a few days after fence installed with phone call and feel I can call at any time if I have a concern. Great business and genuinely care about their work and my pet.  Would highly recommend them…

Review by Page C. in Winfield, IA  8/31/2017

Thanks, Dog Guard, for keeping Coco safe from the busy highway in front of our house. Wonderful company to work with! Friendly and efficient.

Review by Sara K. in Riverside, IA  8/28/2017

I called on a Monday they were able to get us in by Friday! Great people to work with from start to finish and am happy to know that they are just a call away if I have any questions!

Review by Will Q. in Sherrard, IL  8/23/2017

Just a note about how pleased we are with are Dog Guard system. It literally changed our life. It’s so nice to come home and have our dog greet us at the drive way. I had reservations about the system, it seemed a bit mean to shock him, but he learned quickly that the soft tone from the collar meant he needed to retreat. After a while he just avoided those areas. He is much more free with the collar because he runs the whole yard as opposed to being chained or kenneled.

Review by Amber M. in Kalona, IA  8/23/2017

Today was grocery day. Usually I would have been stressing about it even before I went. Why? You ask. Because trying to bring groceries in the house with 3 children and 3 dogs means the doors are open everywhere all the while trying to contain the 3 dogs. Dogs flying out the door and unto the road. Not today!!! No stress!!! Got home left the door wide open 3 dogs came flying out to greet us all in a safe manner. I’m so grateful for our fence. Stress Gone!!!

Review by Matt W. in Coralville, IA  8/22/2017

Quick and professional service. They were always available for communication even when they were on vacation. They let us put the fence in and then do training on our Vizsla a couple months down the road. Even came back to reset the collar settings when we needed it done. Would not hesitate to recommend them, or use them in the future.

Review by Heidi F. in Cedar Falls, IA  8/19/2017

We love our new Guard Dog fence. Our terrier mix Baxter was able to quickly dig and slip under our chain link fence, and couldn’t resist a chance to chase after the local squirrels and rabbits. Since getting the Guard Dog fence we have been able to relax and enjoy having Baxter in the yard without worrying about if he will run off and get lost or hit by a car. We appreciated how friendly and professional our whole experience was. We liked how our dog’s individual needs were considered and the time that was spent training Baxter and letting us know how to help him learn and adjust. The payment plan helped make this affordable. We would definitely recommend this company!

Review by Joe R. in Grimes, IA  8/17/2017

Very happy with the price, quality of the equipment, training, sales process, and follow-up after the install. Top notch!

Review by Tara E. in Grimes, IA  8/15/2017

Great customer service!! We just got our new fence yesterday and I am very pleased! The training session was in detail! Great product with great family standing behind it!!

Review by Jonathan S. in Winterset, IA  7/30/2017
Dog Guard was able to put in the underground containment system to allow access from the back yard to the front yard from only one side of the house.  They also placed the wire to keep our pets from being able to disappear behind our shed.  The wire trench made minimal impact on our yard and the dogs picked up the concept quickly.  The collar is small and nonintrusive.  They have been great to work with and have been very good at following up to make sure everything was working to our satisfaction.  They even returned to make an adjustment.  I would gladly recommend them to a friend.

Review by Nicole V. in Fairfield, IA  7/25/2017

No better company around to work with.  Spot on.  Called right back, came fast, installed fast, trained fast, and this product is something I’d recommend to anyone.  Great people, and great company to work with.  Our dogs are loving their back yard, and the stress of them exploring the new neighborhood is GONE. THANK YOU!

Review by Amber L. in North Liberty, IA  7/24/2017

Every thing from set up to payments were super easy and painless…  they offer great payment plan instead of coughing it up at once. They call and check in on you to see if things are going good…  most of all what feels good is they WANT you to CALL them if anything is not going good or something seems off they are about communication which feels good as being their customer…  Would definitely recommend!

Review by Becky M. in Des Moines, IA  7/20/2017

Thank you so much for the awesome customer service!  24 hours ago, I got my Dog Guard fence placed in the yard.  The service was quick and spot on!!  I was very impressed how organized and simple this plan was.  I am looking forward to keeping my dog safe and under control.  I highly recommend this wonderful family-owned Iowa company!  You and your dog are trained by a family that truly cares with their heart.  Thank you again for wonderful customer service!

Review by Tod Y. in Grimes, IA  7/17/2017

Great customer service from start to finish. Very professional and answered any and all questions I had. I would highly recommend them to anyone that is thinking about getting underground fencing.

Review by Heather B. in Fairfield, IA  7/15/2017

Thank you for your help and prompt service. Your team had excellent customer service and we appreciate the care and training you provided us.

Review by Jay H. in Grimes, IA  7/15/2017

What amazing. Experience from initial email through install training and follow up we are down to our last few flags Macy love the freedom you are such a awesome company with a great family who truly cares about their clients and pets thanks again

Review by Jody C. in Manson, IA  7/14/2017

We are very pleased with our new fence, couldn’t of asked for better customer service. It was a surprise for my husband and they installed while he was fishing in Canada as requested. The guys were incredible that did install, Spent extra time with me, until I felt comfortable with commands and teaching procedure. We live on busy highway and it’s a must to protect a family member. Well worth the cost for piece of mind and safety.

Review by Sally H. in Mt Vernon, IA  7/9/2017

Spot on with every detail from start to finish. Our dog understood the fence from the first day and so did we. Nice to finally work with a company that knows what they are doing. I highly recommend this company!

Review by Melissa L. in Cedar Falls, IA  7/4/2017

I normally don’t ever write reviews but we have been extremely satisfied with the product and the hands-on customer service which is always a plus. Derrick was amazing with training Cheyenne and us. The whole process was quite easy. Our dog can finally be out in our yard and we can enjoy the time together without the worries of her running off into the neighbor’s yard or worse.  Angie was knowledgeable about the Dog Guard system and answered all my questions. She said she would send me the estimate that day and it was in my email box within 5-10 minutes after our conversation. All phone contacts were returned promptly that same day. This is a home business that has placed a emphasis on customer service and they deliver!! I wish we would have done this years ago. I was so worried that Cheyenne could not be trained but I was so glad that I was wrong. I would definitely recommend this product!!! Thanks again Angie and Derrick.

Review by Judy T. in Evansdale, IA  6/19/2017

Very professional. Knew what they were doing and very good with my dog. I highly recommend them.   5 Stars

Review by Kari K. in Independence, IA  6/18/2017

We absolutely love our in ground fence on our new acreage!! The dogs were trained so quickly! I would definitely refer them to everyone! Great customer service and amazing product!!

Review by Joan B. in Kalona, IA  6/12/2017

We are very impressed with our invisible fence.  Our 9 month old pups were wanting to roam.  Now they are happily contained to our acreage.  It was definitely worth the investment.

Review by Jay T. in Fairfield, IA  6/11/2017

We LOVE our Dog Guard system and have had it since last fall (2016). We have a nice sized acreage and had no idea what we were going to do to control our two poodles. We were very worried that our squirrel and rabbit chasing poodles might not care if they got zapped. We were wrong! After the training, they want nothing to do with the fence and do their best to stay away. The install was painless! The service is TOP NOTCH as we (our fault) have hit the line a few times due to construction and they have been right out to fix us up. We highly recommend them!!

Review by Jennifer H. in Des Moines, IA  6/11/2017

Dog Guard is great! Well worth the cost, dogs love it and the customer service is A+++++

Review by Angie C. in East Moline, IL  6/7/2017

Thank you so much for the exceptional customer service and awesome product. From the first point of contact, to scheduling, installation, training and follow up we’ve been given 150%! We are so grateful to have the piece of mind that our girls are not only safe, but able to fully enjoy our new huge beautiful lot. They no longer have the constraints of a chain link fence and they are loving it! Thanks again to the Westcotts & Mat!!

Review by Diane F. in Bettendorf, IA  6/7/2017

Angie was a pleasure to work with.  We got this fence for the dogs of our grown children when they come to visit.  We always had to chain them up to keep them in the yard and now we can let them roam freely.  It was a few weeks after the fence was installed before we had our kids and dogs back at the house.  They came back over a weekend to train both of the dogs.  Thanks!

Review by Kim Q. in Manson, IA  4/21/2017

Scott and Angie at Dog Guard Iowa Out of Sight Fencing were the best. From explaining to installing to follow-up phone calls…. we could not be happier with the service and price. Mat was so gentle with our new puppy Maggie and so professional. Thanks to all of you!

Review by Julie A. in Wellman, IA  4/17/2017

Great product and service.  Installed within 3 business days.  Contains our dog completely.

Review by Tony M in Williamsburg, IA  4/17/2017

We couldn’t be happier with the service and the training my dog (Zeke) received from Matt as well as the follow up we have received from the Westcott’s.
This is a first class operation I will be willing to referring to many.

Now Zeke might have a little different story, but is adapting very well.

Review by Kelsey S. in Washington, IA  4/13/2017

We love our fence. It was broken by a crew doing some concrete work in our yard. We have a brand new baby and a dog feeling a little jealous at this point. We were so grateful they make repair calls in a reasonable time frame and price so we could get our dog back in his boundaries.

We couldn’t be happier with the service and the training my dog (Zeke) received from Matt as well as the follow up we have received from the Westcott’s.
This is a first class operation I will be willing to referring to many.

Now Zeke might have a little different story, but is adapting very well.

Review by Lori B in Columbus Junction, IA  4/12/2017

We have had our less than a week and so far we love it. We have 2 dogs that love to run and so far after their 15 minute training they have honored the perimeter set for them. They came out installed the fence around 2 acres, trained me, and trained the dog in 2.5 hours. They are friendly and care deeply for your pets.

Review by Jill B. in Clive, IA  4/11/2017

Dog Guard is awesome! Quick, thorough, caring service!  I truly appreciate their attention to detail, price and follow through! My dog, Oliver is safe and happy and so am I.

Review by Todd P. in Clarksville, IA  3/28/2017

I cannot say with more confidence that the underground fence purchased from Dog Guard has been by far the best purchase I have made ever for our pets!  Even with finding Scott and Angie online and inquiring on a Sunday night, we received a response back within hours! Angie was able to provide us with a quote and within less than two weeks our fence was installed. We were very impressed with Mat’s professionalism and efficiency in not only installing the fence but training our dogs and ensuring that I felt comfortable in knowing what the next steps would be. I would highly recommend this product and service to anyone who is looking for a pet confinement system that will still allow your pet the freedom to roam!

Review by Hayley Y. in Williamsburg, IA  3/27/2017

We couldn’t be happier with the service we received from Dog Guard.  They were able to install the fence within a week of our first contact and were very professional and helpful throughout the entire project.  The training they did for our puppy and our family was fantastic.  We felt comfortable with how to make sure our dog would enjoy the yard and how to know the equipment was working properly.  You should see our puppy enjoying the freedom he has and exploring – he absolutely LOVES being outside and now I am confident he won’t run away.  Angie called a couple days after installation to make sure everything was going well – customer service seems to be a top priority for them.  I am so glad we purchased this fence – a great investment for our dog loving family!

Review by Carissa H. in Tipton, IA  3/19/2017

Our Post:

Carissa and Jake Hoekstra from Tipton have 2 dogs. Eddie is a 7 year old Lab and Chase is a three year old Hound. They live in the country and have a lot of wildlife temptations. They had been chasing coyotes and occasionally running to the neighbors. Both dogs were little timid at first with the new rules, but have adjusted well and are staying at home 🙂 Thanks for the referral Tom Burger!

Carissa’s Response:

I could not be more thankful!  We were stumbled across them on Facebook.  Everything was explained in great detail from the beginning.  They were very helpful and most of all, cared about the well being of my dogs.  The training went well!!  They didn’t leave until they felt I was ready. I have had 3 follow up calls. We had a few issues and all of their suggestions worked!!  We live around a lot of timber and our dogs struggled at first. It has been quite the learning experience for all of us 🙂  They were very in tune with my feelings as the pet owner as well…and that says a lot.  I would highly recommend them to anyone looking into this service!

Review by Brett H. in Bondurant, IA  3/15/2017

Very professional and knowledgeable. Took great care of us and our dog. Took time to answer all questions and walk us through training tips. Very happy with the system and install and support offered afterward. Our dog will love the freedom to run around the yard.

Review by Karla A. in North Liberty, IA  3/14/2017

Our Golden, Nellie is loving her Dog Guard Out of Sight Fencing and she took to the training easily! The process of installation was fast and they explained everything well. Our neighbors and some of our friends also recommended this company and now we know why!

Review by Monte G. in Ames, IA  3/13/2017

We are very pleased with the installation, the training [for us and the dogs]. The installed cost was very fair and well worth the money and peace of mind.

Review by Linda K. in West Branch, IA  3/6/2017

Very quick and professional installation and training. The dogs–5 of them–are adjusting and it’s great knowing they can run around outside and not get run over or run off. Better yet, the dogs are having fun playing with their new-found freedom. It was a very good investment. The only thing I’m sorry about is that I waited so long to buy it.

Review by Karee H. in Eldridge, IA  3/6/2017

An amazing company. They were very thorough in the training and even inquired with a follow up call. Thanks so much!

Review by Gabe H. in North English, IA  2/27/2017

This underground fencing system is money well spent. My parents live on a fairly busy highway east of North English and have had a couple dogs hit by passing traffic over the years.

I knew I didn’t want to leave Chuck on the farm to just be tied up when my parents weren’t able to watch him. So, I looked into the underground fencing and in the few days since being installed has worked perfectly.

Chuck and Braun are able to run around freely on the farm without us having to worry about them running off or getting hit by a car. As much as I wanted to take Chuck with me to Hawaii, I know that he will be better off and happier freely roaming my parent’s farm than he would be cramped up in crowded Honolulu.

Matt was awesome. He explained everything perfectly, was great with training the dogs and was very fast and efficient.

If you live on a busy highway and have had problems with your dogs running off or into traffic, this is the fix. Great people to work with and very helpful.

Thanks for keeping our dogs safe!

Review by Lori H. in Brooklyn, IA  1/23/2017

We can’t express how much we love Dog Guard invisible fencing! Both our dogs are free to run our large property in town without the fear of them crossing the street or bothering neighbors property!

Review by Darrin E. in Deep River, IA  1/23/2017

Wish we’d done it sooner.  It’s a great peace of mind.  Now we don’t have to worry as much about the dogs getting to the road.  Thanks!

Review by Dan K. in Urbandale, IA  12/27/2016

We could not have had a better experience with Dog Guard and will recommend them to everyone who’s looking.  We had to reschedule twice due to weather and the day of the actual install was the coldest day of December – the entire team couldn’t have been better to deal with throughout the entire process.

Review by Jay R. in Solon, IA  12/13/2016

I am so happy with Angie and her staff.  Their service and products are second to none. They are always on time and very professional.  In a time where good customer service is rare they go way above and beyond what is expected. Their customer service is impeccable. I would recommend them 100 percent.

Review by Larry E. in Williamsburg, IA  11/30/2016

We have multiple dogs and live on a busy highway. The Dog Guard fence keeps them all where they are supposed to be and the Wescott’s have been fantastic to work with.  It took less than 45 minutes to train both dogs and they are doing great. Really appreciate the customer service, professionalism and responsiveness.

Review by Lonny W. in Victor, IA  11/20/2016

Love the fence!! They did the training and left lots of info on how to continue the training. Very honest and said I could call them anytime with any problems.  So glad I found this company, they are very professional and really like the dogs. Can’t say enough good things about how they did the job, the training and how they treated the dogs…..
Great experience.

Review by Sheila B. in Readlyn, IA  11/7/2016

They did an awesome job! With such kindness and very professional.

Review by Mike S. in Walford, IA  11/4/2016

Thank you Angie – this has been really great, also credit to your staff very friendly knowledgeable and helpful, thanks again

Review by Josh S. in Oskaloosa, IA  10/11/2016

I was very impressed by the professional service and knowledge of Angie and her team. I would recommend this company and product to anyone with dogs 10/10.

Review by Jenny C. in Ankeny, IA  10/11/2016

Zona has done great with her training. Still getting the hang of being out in the yard with no leash and loves being able to run around!

Review by Michele F. in Ames, IA  9/16/2016

Theo is loving his yard free from privacy fences! Now he can see people walking on the trail, deer running through the back yard, and feel free to hang out and be entertained while we know he’s safe and having a great time! Thank you for your patience with an older dog and all of the follow up care you provided. Your service is top notch and it is very clear that you care for our furry family members as your own!

*DOG GUARD® Out-Of-Sight Fencing® is a trademark of Sunward Electronics® and should not be confused with Invisible Fence® (InvisibleFence®). Invisible Fence® and Invisible Fencing® are registered trademarks of Invisible Fence Company.